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The Organic Farming Sourcebook

USD 30.00 Publisher: Other India Press in association with TWN
Year: 2009
No. of pages: 464
Size of book: 20cm X 26cm
Author: Claude Alvares
About the Book

Written and designed to excite and stimulate your interest in organic farming, this sourcebook will take you to every aspect of the subject:

• You will encounter surprising details about the traditions of raising food in India and the equally amazing traditions of generously sharing it;

• You will learn about the techniques through which farmers have maintained the vitality, fertility and life of the soil over forty centuries;

• You will have access to hundreds of innovative and pioneering organic farmers who long ago deserted the ‘green’ revolution and its barbaric technology of mass-kill;

• You will get an opportunity to understand and digest the fundamental principles of various organic farming systems from the best of the class;

• You will also have access to what the government is now doing to promote organic farming within the country;

• You will find addresses of green shops where you can access organically grown food;

• For the intellectual there are severe critiques of the ‘green’ revolution and how it came to be imposed on this country. For the activist, there is a history of organic farming and addresses of individuals and institutions that are promoting it as part of India’s efforts to revert to sustainable agriculture.

About the Author

CLAUDE ALVARES is Director of the Central Secretariat of the Organic Farming Association of India, located in Goa, India.


1. The Food Traditions of India

2. The Traditions of Raising Food

3. The Green Revolution: Painful Harvest

4. Genetic Terrorism

5. India’s Organic Farming Movement: A History

6. Principles of Organic Farming

7. Organic Seed

8. Go Mata Returns

9. Directory of Organic Farms, Farmers and Promoters

10. Organic Stores

11. Learning Organic Agriculture

12. Organic Asia

Index of names and subjects

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