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Earth Summit Briefings

USD 8.00 Publisher: TWN
ISBN: 983-9747-02-9
Year: 1992
No. of pages: 84
Size of book: 21cm x 30cm
About the Book

This is a collection of the 25 Earth Summit Briefings prepared by the Third World Network for and during the UN Conference on Environment and Development at Rio de Janeiro in June 1992.

These Briefings cover some of the most controversial and vital issues at the heart of North-South discussions and negotiations at the Summit. They also represent a broad independent Third World perspective on key environment and development questions of our times.

Among the issues covered in this collection of Briefings are:

    *North-South battles dominating UNCED; towards an Earth Democracy; a Common Future or Environmental Apartheid?
    *Democratising Global Economic Relations and the Environmental Crisis.
    *Wrangle over Financial Resources; the GEF.
    *Biodiversity, biotechnology, forests and agriculture.
    *Post-UNCED institutional issues; the World Bank; transnational corporations; the restructuring of the UN.
    *A post-mortem of the Earth Summit.

This collection of Briefings is crucial for an understanding of some of the key North-South issues that will frame the environment and development debate in the post-UNCED world of the 1990s and beyond. 




1. The North-South battles that dominate Earth Summit
2. North-South wrangle over finances the key issue at Summit
3. North unwilling to meet some Southern environment demands
4. Sustainable Development and Sustainability: Ten points to clarify the concepts
5. Earth Summit: Towards an Earth Democracy
6. UN restructuring threatens UNCED's follow-up capacity
7. Refusing to regulate TNCs: UNCED's biggest failure?
8. World Bank cannot protect the environment
9. Towards Sustainable Agriculture
10. World Bank move to patent genetic resources threatens sustainable agriculture
11. NGO version of an effective forest statement
12. The Greening of the Global Reach
13. Democratising global economic realtions is the key to resolving the environment crisis
14. Why the World Bank cannot be relied upon to solve poverty
15. The Global Environemnt Facility: Democratisation and transparency principles
16. UNCED: A Common Future or Environmental Apartheid?
17. Earth Summit: Right to development vs right to waste?
18. Nine key tests of UNCED's success
19. Why GEF is an inadequate institution for UNCED
20. Concepts for an integrated view of biodiversity and biotechnology
21. After Rio: Issues in the Post-UNCED institutional arrangements
22. Unequal negotiations in an unequal world
23. Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Bush
24. Biodiversity Convention could open door to patenting of genetic resources in gene banks, and reduced bargaining position of South
25. Disappointment and Hope as Rio summit ends.

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