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The Future of North-South Relations: Conflict or Cooperation?

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ISBN: 983-9747-02-9
Year: 1992
No. of pages: 58
Size of book: 14cm x 21.5cm
Author: Martin Khor
About the Book

As the East-West Cold war within the industrialised countries abates, North-South relations are becoming more fraught with tensions.

Even as cooperation between North and South becomes more necessary in an ecologically fragile world, there are disturbing signs that the North intends to tighten its control over the Third World economies and over global resources. This book examines the recent trends rolling the South backwards to economic recolonisation, the lessons of the Gulf War, and the implications of the environmental crisis. The 1990s could witness the intensification of conflict inherent in North-South relations. What is needed instead is a new era of international partnership.

"....Martin Khor's thoughtful arguments in this book will surely stimulate interest and discussion.... as he traces the North-South relationship from the time of colonial exploitation to the post-coloniall period.... Kudos to the author for bringing forward a book on this important aspect of international relations...."

The Star.



Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 From Colonial Rule to Post-Colonial Multilateral Control
Chapter 3 The Ecological Crisis and the Light it Sheds on Development Cooperation
Chapter 4 The 1980s Economic Crises and the End of North-South Cooperation
Chapter 5 A New World Order: Return to Direct Colonialism?
Chapter 6 The Uruguay Round as the Economic Component of the 'New World Order'
Chapter 7 Environment as an Opportunity to Renew International Cooperation
Chapter 8 Conclusions


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