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Putting the Third World First: A Life of Speaking Out for the Global South

USD 20.00 Publisher: Third World Network
ISBN: 978-967-0747-45-3
Year: 2021
No. of pages: 168
Size of book: 14cm x 21.5cm
Author: Martin Khor in conversation with Tom Kruse
About the Book

Martin Khor was one of the foremost advocates of a more equitable international order, ardently championing the cause of the developing world through activism and analysis. In this expansive, wide-ranging conversation with Tom Kruse – his final interview before his passing in 2020 – he looks back on a lifetime of commitment to advancing the interests of the world’s poorer nations and peoples.

      Khor recalls his early days working with the Consumers Association of Penang – a consumer rights organization with a difference – and reflects on how he then helped build up the Third World Network to become a leading international NGO and voice of the Global South. Along the way, he shares his thoughts on a gamut of subjects from colonialism to the world trade system, and recounts his involvement in some of the major international civil society campaigns over the years.

      From fighting industrial pollution in a remote Malaysian fishing village to addressing government leaders at United Nations conferences, this is Khor’s account – told in his inimitably witty and down-to-earth style – of a life well lived.

MARTIN KHOR (1951-2020) was the Chairman (2019-20) and Director (1990-2009) of the Third World Network.


An education in justice                                                                

The making of a consumer activist

Reaching out beyond borders

A network of networks

Balance between environment and development

Trade route to domination

From cooperation to conflict

Local roots, global campaigns

The fights over investment agreements

The battle of Seattle

A wrong turn

Being prepared

What it takes

Unexpected successes

The secret to happiness

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