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The Endangered Rainforests and The Fight for Survival

USD 65.00 Publisher: WRM
ISBN: 967-99987-5-4
Year: 1992
No. of pages: Vol. 1,528/Vol. 2,430
Size of book: 21.3cm x 29.7cm
About the Book

The widespread destruction of tropical rainforests has been descripted as the world's worst ecological disaster. The world loses 50-100 acres of rainforests every minute. This loss has very serious consequences, such as irreversible loss of valuable plant and animal species, and global warming.

The two-volume dossier puts together major articles on tropical rainforests by leading scientists, environmental activists and groups. The articles discuss among other things, why the forests are vital to human survival, the rate and causes of their destruction, the plight of forest peoples, and how the forests can be saved.  




Part 1
The Rainforests - Its Importance to Life on Earth

Part 2
Destruction of the World's Rainforests

Part 3
Forest Destruction: Asia Pacific

Part 4
Forest Destruction: Central and south America

Part 5
Forest Destruction: Sub-Saharan Africa

Part 6
The Timber and Trade Industry


Part 7
Vanishing Treasures of the Rainforests

Part 8
Mangrove System Threatened

Part 9
False Solutions: Social and Industria Forestry and the TFAP

Part 10
Forest Destruction: Impact on Forest Peoples

Part 11
The Fight to Save the Forests

Part 12
People's Solutions to Save the Forests

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