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RIO+20 and BEYOND: Reaffirming Sustainable Development Commitments

USD 15.00 Publisher: TWN
ISBN: 978-967-0747-06-4
Year: 2015
No. of pages: 214
Size of book: 21cm x 30cm
Author: TWN
About the Book

This is a compilation of Third World Network’s reports on the Rio+20 intergovernmental negotiation process as well as some broad analysis of the progress that has been made in implementing the original 1992 Rio Summit commitments on sustainable development. We highlight the fact that there has been weak implementation, with considerable regression on the agreed principles and commitments by developed countries. Though the 1992 Rio Principles were ultimately reaffirmed after considerable debate, unless the regression process is arrested and progress renewed, the future for the planet and its inhabitants will be a bleak one. In Volume 2 the reports on the negotiations on Sustainable Development Goals, a major follow-up from Rio+20, are compiled.


1.    An assessment of the Rio Summit on Sustainable Development      
2.    Overview of key issues in the Rio+20 outcome document      
3.    Preparations for 2012 sustainable development conference kick off    
4.    The “green economy” debate unfolds in the UN    
5.    The future of “sustainable development”    
6.    Global debate on “green economy”    
7.    New challenges 20 years after the Earth Summit    
8.    Meeting on reform options for sustainable development institutions    
9.    Meeting ends with “Solo Messages” on sustainable development    
10.    The road to Earth Summit, 20 years later    
11.    Rio+20 conference should reaffirm principles of Rio 1992, say developing countries    
12.    Divergent views continue on “green economy”    
13.    Global Sustainability Panel calls for deeper integration of economic, social and environmental pillars, more equity    
14.    Rio+20 intersessional discusses proposals for outcome document    
15.    Preliminary comments by Third World Network on the zero draft of the Rio+20 outcome document    
16.    Negotiations inch forward on Rio+20 outcome document    
17.    First round of negotiations on Rio+20 conference kicks off    
18.    Key issues for Rio Plus 20    
19.    Rio+20 outcome must incorporate human rights norms    
20.    First reading of Rio+20 outcome document concluded    
21.    Rio+20 Summit issues hotly debated    
22.    North-South divide over Rio+20 outcome document    
23.    Another attempt to save the planet?
24.    Human rights are essential for sustainable development, says UN High Commissioner    
25.    Slow progress on renewing political commitment, gaps assessment, institutional issues    
26.    North-South divergence remains deep on key issues    
27.    Clash of views over green economy and roadmap    
28.    New UN institutions for sustainable development?    
29.    Negotiations extended on outcome document    
30.    Debate on “sustainable development goals” and thematic issues    
31.    No agreement and deep division on “green economy”    
32.    Sustainable development goals – a key deliverable?    
33.    Developed countries oppose new and additional funding proposals    
34.    Developed countries backtrack on technology transfer    
35.    “Common but differentiated responsibilities” under threat    
36.    Rio+20 Summit: the key issues    
37.    UN plans new Development Agenda    
38.    Tourism: the future we want?    
39.    Rich nations backtracking on the road to Rio Summit    
40.    Meetings begin in Rio, little hope of completing draft    
41.    Progress on means of implementation first, then “green economy”, says G77    
42.    “Pre-conference informal consultations” by Brazil to begin on outcome document    
43.    G77 and China tables new proposal on finance and technology    
44.    Differences remain despite some common understanding on “green economy” approach    
45.    SDGs – divergences over CBDR principle and listing of priorities continue    
46.    Renewing political commitment fraught with differences    
47.    Hour of truth arrives for Rio+20    
48.    “Common but differentiated responsibilities” debates take a turn    
49.    Final text of outcome document adopted    
50.    Overview of outcome and negotiations of “green economy”    
51.    Rio+20 Summit kicks off with calls for action    
52.    Debate on SDGs prior to adoption of outcome document during negotiations    
53.    Tough fight over means of implementation    
54.    Rio+20: Summit adopts text, ends with positive speeches    
55.    Renewed political commitments obtained    
56.    Rio+20: Mandated follow-up actions are key

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