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Green Energies

USD 30.00 Publisher: TWN & ISIS
ISBN: 0-9544923-5-8
Year: 2009
No. of pages: 182
Size of book: 21cm x 30cm
Author: Mae-Wan Ho, Brett Cherry, Sam Bu
About the Book

What Green Energies says

The world can be 100 percent renewable by 2050
A variety of truly green and affordable options already exist, and more innovations are on the way

Policies that promote innovations and stimulate internal market for decentralised distributed generation are key 




Executive Summary and Recommendations

Transition to Low Carbon Economy

1. UK’s Lacklustre Low Carbon Transition Plan

2. Germany 100 Percent Renewable by 2050

How Not to be Green

3. Nuclear Renaissance Unravels

4. Spot-light on Nuclear Safety

5. Nuclear Industry’s Financial and Safety Nightmare

6. Old Nuclear Cash Cows Exacerbates Safety

7. The Nuclear Black Hole

8. Beware the Biochar Initiative

9. Carbon Capture and Storage A False Solution

10. Renewables vs  CCS

Renewable & Sustainable Now

11. World Shifting to Renewables Now, 100 Percent by 2050

12. Which Renewables?

13. Solar Power to the People

14. Solar Power Getting Cleaner Fast

15. Quantum Well Solar Cells

16. Very High Efficiency Solar Cells

17. Third Generation Solar Cells

18. Wind Could Electrify the World 40 Times Over

19. Harnessing the Wind with Scrap

20. Kenya to Build Africa’s Largest Wind Farm

21. Biogas Powers China’s Eco-economy

22. The Biogas Economy Arriving

23. The Community Cooker

24. Air Condition and Energy from Deep Water

25. Reef for Barrage to Tap the Tide

26. Saline Agriculture to Feed and Fuel the World

New Frontiers

27. Harvesting Sunlight with Artificial Photosynthesis

28. Making Fuel from Water

29. Splitting Water with Ease

30. Harvesting Waste Heat

31. Cold Fusion to Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

32. Transmutation, the Alchemist Dream Come True

33. How Cold Fusion Works

34. Nuclear Energy on Tap?

35. Nuclear Waste Disposal?

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