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Greenwash: The Reality Behind Corporate Environmentalism

USD 14.00 Publisher: TWN
ISBN: 9839747169
Year: 1996
No. of pages: 258
Size of book: 14.5cm x 21.5cm
Author: Jed Greer & Kenny Bruno
About the Book

In recent years, transnational corporations (TNCs), which increasingly dominate the global economy, have been preserving and expanding their markets with "greenwash": Posing as friends of the environment and leaders in the struggle to eradicate poverty. The book examines TNCs' struggle to project themselves as saviours of the environment and of the world's poor. It also provides detailed evidence that despite the rhetoric, transnationals have not substantially changed their behaviour. Scrutinizing the greenwashing claims of 20 TNCs headquartered in nine countries on four continents, this book shows how TNCs remain the primary creators and peddlers of dirty, dangerous, and unsustainable technologies. In addition, the book suggests ways citizens can fight against destructive TNC activities and win control of their environment and their lives. 

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