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The Violence of the Green Revolution

USD 15.00 Publisher: Zed Books & TWN
ISBN: 983-99573-8-4
Year: 1991
No. of pages: 264
Size of book: 14.5cm x 21.5cm
Author: Vandana Shiva
About the Book

Vandana Shiva examines the impact of the first Green Revolution on the breadbasket of India. In a cogent empirical argument, she shows how the "quick fix" promise of large gains in output pushed aside serious pursuit of an alternative agricultural strategy grounded in respect for the environmental wisdom of peasant systems and building an egalitarian, needs-oriented agriculture consistent with the village-based, endogenous political traditons of Gandhism.

Dr. Shiva documents the destruction of genetic diversity and soil fertility that resulted, and in highly orginal fashion shows how the Green Revolution also contributed to the acute social and political conflicts now tearing the Punjab apart.

"....If you read only one book on agricultural policies this year, this should be ...."
Michael Colby, Safe Food News

"....Her analyses and predictions are all the more impressive considering that there is an alarming concentration on fewer and fewer crops...."
Natalie D. Hahn Ceres

"....cogently argued, information-backed thesis against the Green Revolution...."
Raju Kane Business India 



1. Science and Politics in the Green Revolution

The Green Revolution and the Conquest of Nature
The Green Revolution and the Control of Society

2. 'Miracle Seeds' and the destruction of Genetic Diversity

How the Green Revolution makes Unfair Comparisons
The Myth of the High Yielding Variety
Genetic Uniformity and the Creation of New Pests

3. Chemical Fertilizers and Soil Fertility

Voracious Varieties
Diseased and Dying Soils
The Return to Organic Inputs

4. Intensive Irrigation, Large Dams and Water Conflicts

Thirsty Seeds
Large Dams and the Centralisation of Poltical Power
Inter-state Water Conflicts and the Elusive Search for Equity

5. The Political and Cultural Costs of the Green Revolution

The Economic Costs: A narrow and shortlived prosperity
Communalising the Farmers'Protests
Development, Social Disintegration and Violence

6. Pepsico For Peace? The Ecological and Political Risks of the Biotechnology Revolution

Pepsico for Peace?
Seeds of Ecological Vulnerability
Seeds and Dependency
Seeds of Insecurity, Seeds of Violence

7. The Seed and the Spinning Wheel: The Political Ecology of Technological Change

Colonisation and the Spinning Wheel
The Colonisation of the Seed
Biotechnology Development and Biodiversity Conservation Patents, Intellectual Property and the Politics of Knowledge

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