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Return to the Good Earth

USD 35.00 Publisher: TWN
ISBN: 983-99573-2-5
Year: 1990
No. of pages: 570
Size of book: 21cm x 30cm
About the Book

Modern agriculture is in a state of crisis today. The use of farming practices harmful to the environment has caused serious damage to the environment. Ecologists and organic farmers throughout the world are advocating a return to natural farming systems, to save and regenerate our soils, to clean up our waters, and to protect the health of consumers.

This dossier is an attempt to collect together the evidence of the devastating effects of modern agriculture and of the superiority of traditional and chemical-free agriculture which is based on ecologically sound principles.

"....A comprehensive digest of articles, reports and cuttings from magazines, journals and newspapers. The dossier includes chapters on the impact of modern agriculture on the society and the environment of the Third World, the Green Revolution, seeds and genetic imperialism, the biotechnology threat, and traditional/organic methods of farming...." Patrick McCully The Ecologist 



1. Modern Agriculture Impact on the Third World
2. Modern Agriculture: Impact on the Environment
3. The Pesticides Problem
4. The Green Revolution
5. Seeds and Genetic Imperialism
6. The Biotechnology Threat
7. Towards Ecological Agriculture: Return to Natural Farming
8. Towards Ecological Agriculture: Natural Control of Pests
9. Towards Ecological Agriculture: Indigenous Farming Systems

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