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Designing Intellectual Property Policies in Developing Countries

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ISBN: 978-967-5412-32-5
Year: 2010
No. of pages: 64
Size of book: 14.5cm x 21.5cm
Author: Carlos M. Correa
About the Book

Few areas have seen greater erosion of developing countries’ policy options than in the field of intellectual property (IP). Over the years, the scope for these countries to formulate their own national intellectual property policies has narrowed considerably as a result of binding international rules which impose high standards for IP protection.

Nevertheless, there remains room for governments to draw up IP policies tailored to their countries’ needs and level of development. The ultimate aim of these policies, stresses this book, should not be to protect the private proprietary rights of inventors and creators per se but to design an IP regime that is instrumental to attaining the development objectives of the country.

Towards this end, developing countries must make full use of the policy-making flexibilities provided for in international IP law. This book sets out recommendations on how this can be done, in relation to the key development objectives of promoting industrial and agricultural advancement, safeguarding public health and the environment, and enhancing access to knowledge and creative works. It also looks at how developing countries can better defend their interests in global IP fora and, beyond that, steer the international standard-setting process in a more development-friendly direction.

About the Author

CARLOS CORREA is Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies on Industrial Property and Economic Law at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


1. Introduction

2. Designing Pro-Development Intellectual Property Legislation

3. Industrial Development

Innovation in manufacturing

The case of Japan

Stages of industrial development

4. Public Health

Patentability requirements

Research and “early working” exceptions

Parallel imports

Compulsory licences

Test data protection

5. Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture

6. Access to Knowledge

7. Intellectual Property Policy and the Environment

8. International Policy-Making

9. Conclusions


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