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Horizontal Gene Transfer - The Hidden Hazards of Genetic Engineering (No. 4)

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ISBN: 983-9747-51-7
Year: 2000
No. of pages: 32
Size of book: 14.5cm x 21cm
Author: Mae Wan-Ho
About the Book

Genetic engineering involves designing artificial constructs to cross species barriers and to invade genomes. In other words, it enhances horizontal gene transfer – the direct transfer of genetic material to unrelated species. The artificial construct (transgenic DNA) typically contains genetic material from bacteria, viruses and other genetic parasites that cause diseases as well as antibiotic resistance genes that make infectious diseases untreatable. Horizontal transfer of transgenic DNA has the potential to create new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, spread antibiotic resistance genes to pathogenic bacteria and trigger cancer in mammalian cells. There is an urgent need to establish effective regulatory oversight to prevent the escape and release of these dangerous constructs into the environment, and to consider whether some of the most dangerous experiments should be allowed to continue at all.

About the Author

MAE-WAN HO, a Senior Research Fellow at UK’s Open University, specializes in human biochemical genetics. She is also co-founder and director of the Institute of Science in Society, a non-profit organization which promotes critical public understanding of issues in science and technology, especially with regard to social accountability, ethical implications and sustainability. Since 1994 she has been scientific advisor to the Third World Network. Dr. Ho is well known in the debate on genetic engineering and biosafety, and has raised the issue at the UN, the World Bank and in the European Parliament; in her prolific writing (over 250 works); in her lectures; and contributions to radio, TV, and the written media around the world.



Chapter 1.  Transgenic pollen and baby bees  
What are antibiotic resistance marker genes?

Chapter 2.  Horizontal gene transfer may spread transgenes to the entire biosphere
Chapter 3.  Genetic engineering is unregulated horizontal gene transfer  
Artificial vectors enhance horizontal gene transfer

Chapter 4.  What are the hazards of horizontal gene transfer?
Potential hazards of horizontal gene transfer from genetic engineering

Chapter 5.  Transgenic DNA may be more likely to transfer horizontally than non-transgenic DNA
Transgenic DNA may be much more likely to spread horizontally  

Chapter 6.  Additional hazards from viral promoters

Chapter 7.  Evidence for horizontal transfer of transgenic DNA  


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