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The Implications of the New Issues in the WTO (No. 11)

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ISBN: 983-9747-52-5
Year: 2001
No. of pages: 20
Size of book: 16.5cm x 24cm
Author: Bhagirath Lal Das
About the Book

New issues have frequently entered the ambit of the multilateral trading system over the last two decades, invariably at the instance of major developed countries. Before possible commitments and obligations on these issues are set in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), developing countries, this paper advises, have to examine the motives of developed-country proponents in introducing these subjects, and clarify their own ideas and objectives thereon.

This paper looks into four important new issues currently under considera¬tion in the WTO: investment, competition, government procurement and electronic commerce. It cautions developing countries to be on guard against possible moves to negotiate rules in these areas that would constrain their domestic policy options and discretion to guide the process of national development. Third World countries should, suggests the author, promote matters of interest to them in discussions on these new issues, ensuring that their development concerns and objectives are adequately addressed.

About the Author

Bhagirath Lal Das was formerly India's Ambassador and Permanent Representa¬tive to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) forum. He has also served as Director of International Trade Programmes at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). He is currently a consultant and advisor to several intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.


1. Introduction
Long-term Implications

2. Investment

3. Competition Policy
Conflicting Interests
Points for Attention

4. Government Procurement
No Particular Advantage

5. Electronic Commerce
Missing the Point

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